Feasibility Study

Preliminary Investigations, Technical Assessment, Commercial Viability

We can help you to assess the cost and viability of a project before you commit

  • Desk-top evaluation of a site
  • Site visit
  • Measurement and evaluation of actual load data.
  • Explore different options, energy sources, efficiency, demand response
  • Investigate Battery storage option
  • Battery sizing, control methodology
  • Explore the options for mounting the solar panels.
  • Estimate the number of panels that can be accommodated.
  • Structural integrity
  • Estimate energy yield from the solar array using professional software
  • Simulations to determine the optimum combination of Solar, battery and power converters.
  • Approximate system cost, cost analysis, and payback
  • System specifications for a future build.
  • Possible vendors, vendor evaluation
  • Commercial viability assessment

The scope of work will be in accordance with the job.