Salient Points of the new Horizon Specifications for Embedded Generation, Basic System.

It is six weeks since the new Technical Requirement for the Basic and Low Voltage Embedded Generation into Horizon Networks has been published. We still get asked about the details, so here is some information which might be useful.
Basic Systems, up to 30kVA inverter capacity.
This category has been virtually opened up. There is a simple, online process for lodging the application. Smoothing is not needed. For areas outside the NWIS (Karratha, Port Headland and surroundings) the equipment would have to be “FiM ready”. Sometime in future Horizon will provide a Gateway device, free of cost, which would have to be installed. This device will directly control the inverter output to ensure that the power produced remains under Horizon control and there is no chance of grid instability because of unregulated power injection into the network. There is no extra cost for connecting solar. For the Standard Network, i.e. NWIS, there is no FiM requirement.
However, a couple of points to be considered. The Gateway device is not available yet. In case the inverters you are using are not able to communicate with the Gateway, another “interface box” may become necessary. This is not known at this stage.
Also, there is no guarantee that your application will get approved. It will depend on the hosting capacity available for that location. So, get in early, lodge your application. Horizon does not charge any fee for applications in this category.
Please feel free to contact me if you need further information.

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